Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Week in Entertainment

Film: For Your Consideration - slight Guest? Perhaps so, but it's still very funny. Lots of chuckles, and Catherine O'Hara is, at the end, frankly scary. 'The Paper Badge' is hysterical, too.

TV: Veronica Mars... Remember last week? I quoted Couch Baron's "Logan looks like his heart is breaking into teeny-tiny pieces. At some point, they're going to get too small to reconstitute." Logan figured that, too ... Jason Dohring is brilliant. Also, Heroes, Dr Who, and a new Midsomer Murder, and part of the James Taylor tribute ... damned cold put me in bed before it was over.

Read: Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan - I quite liked this one, though it's not quite as good as The Kitchen God's Wife - and Boiling a Frog and Be My Enemy by Christopher Brookmyre, and started his A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away.



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