Sunday, June 10, 2007

This week's birds

I went away for a conference and the geese vanished. I don't know where they've gone, the gosling weren't old enough to fly, but then family number two showed up from somewhere with little babies, so I suppose they have just walked off somewhere.

However, I have seen some new birds, and some old ones, too. An oriole is around - a streak of orange and a song from inside the leaves, never where I can get a picture. Some I did get pictures of, though, including a rather nice shot if I do say so myself (last one):

<starlings, blackbirds, thrush
Blackbird, starlings, and some kind of thrush, I don't know (see below)
redwing and thrusha redwing and the thrush again,
thrushthe thrush,

crowsand crows,
herona heron (early morning and blurry, sorry)
cardinaland a female cardinal - she I knew was around but I had never seen her before. She's harder to get a picture of than the males, but this one turned out very nicely, I think.

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