Thursday, August 09, 2007

In the dog days

It's been hot this August. Temperatures in the upper 90s, heat index in triple digits (108 yesterday). The mornings are warm, and the afternoons last forever, hot and sultry and stifling. But while we can duck into our air conditioned buildings, the birds can't. Nor can the bees... but while the birds walk around with their mouths open, or hide in the deep shadows of the trees until evening, the bees seem to enjoy it, especially the bumbles, who swarm around the flowers in search of nectar. Flowers bloom in the heat, filling the air with scent that lies there, heavy and sweet. Some of the bushes and trees are putting out their berries, and others are still in bloom. The white bushes in the parks don't attract butterflies, only bees - or so I thought until Monday, when I saw a Monarch trying eat there, and the bumbles literally chased him away, dive-bombing and harassing him until he left. Here are some pics from the last week.

sun through clouds
late afternoon sun through clouds

a goldfinch - really, he's in there!

a mockingbird with supper

a mockingbird on the wing

song sparrow
a song sparrow on his tree

a bumblebee

a Monarch about to be attacked by bees and flee


iridescent berries
iridescent berries

a bush in all stages of bloom

trumpet flower
a trumpet flower

curtain of trumpets
a curtain of trumpet flowers holds invisible but very audible mockingbirds

cattails where the redwings live

a cloud of red berries

jewel-toned berries

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