Thursday, January 03, 2008

Open Lab 2007

open lab 2007You may remember (or not) last year's anthology of the best science writing on the web - Open Lab 2006. Well, there's another one coming out this month - Open Lab 2007. 51 selections (49 essays, 1 poem, 1 cartoon) selected from 486 by Reed Cartwright and the indefatigable Bora Zivkovic assisted by a number of judges (of whom I was one). It was a privilege, if time-consuming, to read all the entries - and Bora and Reed had to do it several times, plus check all the judges' ratings. But Open Lab 2007 should be great - and a perfect gift for those non-webophiliacs in your family or circle of friends - or for those who just like to read books instead of computer screens.

You can see the list of winning essays here, and the book is available here (you can order the 2006 book here).

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