Friday, September 19, 2008

On the ground and in the proverbial seat?

Yesterday morning on the way to work I passed two birds unfamiliar to me. A little research leads me to believe they're catbirds. (Yes, I know; I'm such a newbie...) They were hunting around in the grass between the sidewalk and the trees lining the creek, dark gray and active. One of them flew up into the shrubs and sat watching me, though making no sound, but the other stayed on the ground, paying little attention to me. She (I have no basis for this, but I don't like to say 'it' for a bird!) followed me, in fact - rather, she kept on going in her own direction, which was the same as mine - and didn't care when I stopped and took six or seven photos of her progress, including when she hopped up on a tree trunk and down again. Unfortunately, it was so early that most of the pictures are very grainy. But here are three of her and one of him (or the other way around). The one of him has a surprise in it...



I wasn't sure if she might not climb the tree, but she just walked over it to the other side. The sun's hitting that root pretty strongly as it rises, and the picture's very grainy...

catbird on tree root

Until I looked at this shot I hadn't noticed the huge spiderweb behind him! (Select the image for a closeup)

catbird and spiderweb

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At 1:47 AM, September 20, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous had this to say...

yuppers, looks like a catbirds to me

At 11:17 AM, October 03, 2008 Blogger Greg had this to say...

Definitely catbirds. Their call is a bit raucous, but they sing beautifully. And, yes, the sexes are basically identical.


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