Monday, November 17, 2008

Mad that people are mad

Back in June we read about businesses that were refusing to cater, etc, for gay weddings but didn't want publicity, afraid that they'd lose business if their homophobia was public.

Now, those who supported Prop 8 are feeling a commercial backlash - and they're angry. In one of the most irony-meter-breaking statements I've read in a long time, Dave Leatherby, who donated $20,000 to the cause, says:
"Let's move on. I always told my children that once a rule was made, you have to abide by it. I think it should be the same in this circumstance."
Ummm, Dave - abide by it? Like you did? (And I'm guessing that you, "A devout Catholic and father of 10, [who] supported the measure for religious reasons" supported the third attempt at the parental notification measure ...)

But that's not the most irony-meter-breaking statement in the story. This one, from Mormon spokeswoman Lisa West, is:
"We had hoped there would be more tolerance for different viewpoints."
Tolerance? Lisa, sweetheart, you honestly do not know what that word means. (Don't you remember why you Mormons ran away to Utah in the first place? Oh, wait. Mormons. Sorry - you're the victims, and when you keep people down it's because God says so ... and hasn't sent a "new revelation" yet.)

These folks need to have the courage of their convictions. How come they want gay money so much, anyway?



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