Thursday, December 18, 2008

Four Stone Hearth #26

four stone hearthWelcome to Four Stone Hearth, the premiere anthro-blogging carnival on the web! This edition - the 54th - is a day late (I had emergency dental work done and nothing, nothing, got posted yesterday!), but I hope you'll find the posts intriguing enough to forgive me for that.

Physical anthropology:

Laetoli footprintsCorvus at moneduloides looks at a problem unique to hominids, plantar fasciitis, and how long the foot structure that causes it has been around.


In Our Blessed Lady of the Cerebellum, posted by Greg at Neuroanthropology, there's a rather different take on the "Virgin Mary in the MRI" story. As Greg says, "This story would be unmitigated fun, a chance to spin out all sorts of jokes about which parts of the brain ‘light up’ when we see a pattern of the Holy Mary in our brain images, except for the fact that, if you read a bit further in the TCPalm, you learn why Ms. Latrimore was getting brain scans in the first place, and perhaps why she and her relatives are searching for signs of any divine intervention."

And his blogmate Daniel gives us The Encultured Brain, a look at their San Francisco anthropology conference session.


foil figureMartin at Aardvarkaelogy give us a cool new Dark Ages find from Denmark: the thirteenth gold foil figure die known to scholarship.

Terry Toohill, guest posting at Remote Central, looks at human evolution on trial: technology, a fascinating overview of stone tools and their development.

Declan Moore at the Moore Groups Blog offers us a look at an assemblage of shoe leather from an excavation carried out in Galway in the West of Ireland.

And finally, two posts spanning disciplines:

First, Judith at Zenobia: Empress of the East offers us a two-part look at Stone Age Venuses from all around Europe - and modern Hottentots, and the cultural outlook that extrapolated savagery and sex from a differing appearance.
grass in greece with statue framgents
And the the Digital Cuttlefish offers us a few pics and thoughts from Greece, the Sanctuary of Isis to be precise.

That wraps up this edition. The next edition will be on December 31 at Testimony of the Spade. Hosts are always welcome and, as you can tell, you don't have to actively blog in the field to do it. Just head over and give Martin a shout. See you next time!

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At 7:33 PM, December 18, 2008 Blogger Cuttlefish had this to say...

Thanks for including mine!!!

The sanctuary of Isis is one of my favorite places in Greece--and now, with the riots in the news, my thoughts are often approximately 5000 miles from where I am...


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