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Carnival of the Godless #110

Welcome to the One Hundred and Tenth edition of the Carnival of the Godless, the web's premier carnival for atheism, agnosticism, freethinking, and whatever else you want to call it.

I know it's not quite Valentine's Day yet, but the stores have been full of this commercialized saint's goods for a while now - some of them since the day after Christmas, in fact. (Where's the outrage? I guess if the churches admit you're fictional, it's hard to get worked up over you.) So here, symbolizing the yummy sweet goodness of reality, a heart for each blog*. And, more importantly, here's the best of godless blogging for the last fortnight. Do enjoy, won't you?

Adrian Hayter looks at The Endless Loop Of Ray Comfort’s Mind. I suppose someone has to do it.
vjack discusses Christian Morality: Belief Over Behavior. He's looking at the "born again", and he thinks "the essence of morality for this group of Christians can be effectively summarized as follows: How one behaves is less important than what one believes."
Luke addresses Questions from Believers. He says, "Friendly Atheist posted some questions that Christians wanted to ask of atheists. These are my answers."
Conversational Atheist says that Azeusism has caused every major atrocity in modern history! As he says, "If not believing in god has caused a bunch of atrocities, some effort should be made to figure out which god that people don’t believe in has caused the most atrocities!"
CyberLizard asks What better target for conversion than sick Jews?, a post which he describes as "Xians taking advantage of the imbalance of power between hospital and patient."
Andrew Bernardin discusses The Campus Crusade for Christian Assumptions. This is the first in a projected series.
Dale has his Tuesday Script Flip: Guilt and God, saying "I'd say that guilt is a richer moral idea to atheists than to Christians -- it cuts more sharply because the reality that produced it is seen for what it is."
Gratitude talks about Reincarnation, truth or myth? "I have been asked by some of you about my opinion on after life and reincarnation. And since you asked here it is..."
Greta Christina takes on The Big Guns: Greta Answers Some Theologians. She says, "Atheists often get slammed for critiquing simplistic, outdated versions of religion and ignoring the serious theologians. Here, I reply to some Tough Questions Theologians Ask Atheists... and find them virtually identical to the simplistic, outdated Joe and Jane Believer arguments. Kind of sad, really."
I take a short look at the atheist bus issue in Unlikely to Mislead, which is what the advertising watchdogs in Britain concluded.
Tom Stelene tells it straight: Christianity Is Not Great, Pt.1 He adds, "This is the first of a series of posts arguing against Dinesh D'Souza's book, What's So Great about Christianity?".
Michael Fridman discusses Killing for Inner Peace. It's "a quick look at the fact that even something seemingly benign like "spiritual peace" can often be code for violence and imposing your will on others."
faithlessgod presents a Weird Science Review - the Committee for Inquiry (CFI) - London branch - organised a one day lecture meeting on Weird Science, and these are the notes.
David Gross has an historical article, as An Agnostic Confronts the Gospels in 1891. He says, "An anonymous agnostic took a fresh look at the Gospel according to Matthew in 1891. Here’s his acerbic take on the “Render Unto Caesar” koan."
Podblack presents It Is Actually A Dead Parrot - Rowan Atkinson Sketch Cleared For Blasphemy.
Diana Hsieh says Hot Damn! as she discusses how "a Democrat in the South Carolina state senate proposes banning dirty words in public or to minors -- with a possible five year (!) prison term."
Kristjan Wager fisks Jake Jones's "Accidental Atheist" in Living in a bubble of stupidity.
larryniven carols I love, I love, I love Alvin Plantinga (super-long, serious post). He promises he's not really a theist, by the way.
Magdalune has a twofer for us: first she wonders why faith is so good in Good Faith/Bad Lack of Faith, and then takes a look at the Purpose of Religion.
From Procrustes, this WARNING: You May be Part of an Unholy Alliance! , saying, "On February 5, President Obama held the National Prayer Breakfast in DC to clarify issues about his take on the faith-based initiative, and to laud the benefits of faith. It set an unsurprising, although perhaps subtle, non-rational tone."
Ordinary Girl presents The Devil Wore Condoms; she calls it a "discussion about religion, condoms, AIDS, and sex education".

So, that's the 110th edition of the Carnival of the Godless. Hope you enjoyed it! The next edition will be at the Atheist Blogger on February 22d. Submit any posts using this form - but even if you don't write anything, stop by and read us again.

*hearts courtesy of Candy hearts

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At 10:22 AM, February 08, 2009 Blogger Unknown had this to say...

Great theme, Ridger.

At 12:28 PM, February 08, 2009 Anonymous Anonymous had this to say...

Thanks, kindly, Mr. Ridger!

At 2:28 PM, February 08, 2009 Blogger Kristjan Wager had this to say...

Thanks for linking my post. Hadn't thought of submitting it to this carnival.

At 7:07 PM, February 09, 2009 Anonymous Anonymous had this to say...

Good carnival - I like the theme.

At 8:56 AM, February 19, 2009 Blogger CyberLizard had this to say...

Very good Carnival. What a terrific theme!

At 2:11 PM, February 19, 2009 Blogger Dale had this to say...

I love the theme! Well done and thanks.


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