Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas VI


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At 7:55 PM, December 25, 2009 Anonymous Anonymous had this to say...

It's attractive, but in my opinion far too uniform. All of the decorations fit into a highly coordinated theme, and I suspect they were all bought on the same day. Personally, I prefer trees where the decorations are rich in diversity, having been received from many sources and accumulated over many years.

I've taken photographs of our Christmas trees in previous years. This year I decided to record a series of low-quality videos instead. The link is on my blog:

At 8:11 AM, December 26, 2009 Blogger The Ridger, FCD had this to say...

Actually, they were bought at the exact same moment as the tree. On the tree. Those created the way you describe are great, and we used to do that, all of us spending a morning hanging ornaments and tinsel and debating what went where, my youngest sister putting the "angle" on top... It was my mother's favorite part of decorating the house. And every year she'd make some remark about how it was impossible to have an ugly Christmas tree.

But, see: this one means my father felt like doing Christmas after my mother died, so it's the most beautiful tree ever as far as I'm concerned.


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