Thursday, April 21, 2011

Swimming Lesson

Earlier this week, and last, there were several geese swimming on the pond. Tuesday there was one.

gander swimmingOn Wednesday morning, I spotted these two. Something about the way the one lying down had her wings positioned made me wonder: does she have goslings under there? (Even if I'd felt like startling her to find out, I wouldn't have: the gander takes things very seriously.)

goose and gander sleepingYes. Yes, I believe she does.

goose with goslings under her wingAnd then yesterday afternoon - yes. She did. Here she is, giving the babies their first swimming lesson. Dad and two of the goslings, who seem unsure about this whole thing, are on the bank as mom and the other four paddle nearby.

goose in water, gander and goslings on bank

One gosling jumps in to join them. Dad and the other stride (and patter) along the bank keeping up.
gander and one gosling on bank

Finally all six are in the water, and keeping as close to mom as they can. She spun in a circle, making them paddle hard to keep position.
goose and goslings in waterThen she swam a short ways along the bank, with them keeping up, and close.

goose and goslings in waterThen she reversed, struck out swiftly, and spun sideways. The goslings hastened to catch up, and two of them - maybe the last two in the water - splashed and bobbled as they tried to match the smoother swimming of the other four.

goose and goslings in water
After another reversal, everyone seems to have it down.

goose and goslings in water
As the family passes dad, mom raises her head to look at him.

goose and goslings in waterStill some splashing going on as they sail past dad...

goose and goslings in water sailing past watching gander... who watches, apparently unsure if he'll join his offspring who are still splashing up a storm.

gander coming to join goose and goslings in water

I had to go catch my bus, so I don't know how long it was before he joined them. I'm sure he did, eventually. He's a good dad...

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