Monday, February 20, 2012

Jumanji Park

Yes, Diane Sawyer (or her writers) just confused Jurassic Park - with the cloning from ancient DNA - with Jumanji.
"As we said, this is in effect Jurassic Plant. You remember the man-eating plant in Jumanji that the scientists revived? The one that ate people? Well, scientists in Russia have done something similar."
It's a cool story, growing a plant from a seed thousands of years old, but ...

There were no scientists in Jumanji. There was a man-eating plant, but it came out of a magical and/or cursed board game. The funny thing? There was actually a reference in Jurassic Park to recreating ancient plants. Of course, they didn't eat anybody... Laura Dern sitting in a Jeep staring at a leaf isn't as visual as Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst, and Robin Williams playing tug-of-war with a plant, using Bradley Pierce as the rope...

the man-eating plant from Jumanji

the fictional Cretacean plant from Jurassic Park

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At 10:41 AM, February 21, 2012 Anonymous Anonymous had this to say...

How about Audrey II in "Little Shop of Horrors" -- the "Mean Green Mother from Outer Space"? ;-)

At 11:41 PM, February 21, 2012 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Oops! That was mine (as you might've guessed). Obviously I was a bit distracted at the time.


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