Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: (Ahem - forgot to add this!) It Ain't Half Hot Mum - I am enjoying this, formulaic though it is.

Read (yes, out of order so I could embed a video below): The rest of the Secret series, a funny and gripping YA. Started Bury the Chains, about the abolition movement in 18th century England

TV: Once Upon a Time. Red is cool. Gold Diggers of 1933 - omg how the hell did Ginger Rogers sing "We're in the money" in freaking pig latin?? And full pig latin at that - erway inay uhthay onmayeehay... check it out below! And I do love those elaborate Busby Berkeley numbers that (a) could never have been staged in a Broadway theater and (b) have to be viewed from above anyway.



At 6:07 AM, March 26, 2012 Anonymous H. S. Gudnason had this to say...

A friend of a friend--I know that's an ominous way to make an attribution, but I want to believe this--went to a public appearance Ginger made late in life and, during the Q&A, asked if she could still sing "We're in the Money" in Pig Latin.

She could.

Much as I love the Gold Diggers movies, I think that Footlight Parade and Dames have the least-tied-to-physical-reality production numbers of all the BB movies (unless you count the credits at the end of The Gang's All Here).

AND the original Gold Diggers play was written by Avery Hopwood, whose estate funds student writing awards given every year by the University of Michigan. Past recipients have included Arthur Miller.


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