Sunday, December 09, 2018


Diego dropped some snow on us, not that much, an inch or so. (It was supposed to be rain, so they didn't treat the roads, which will make tonight fun.) But it's pretty.

Blurry shot of bunny(?) tracks

Great-niece Ayla trying to make a snowman

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At 9:20 PM, December 09, 2018 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Hope you don't need to go out in the elements tonight. As Pittsburgh's recently-deceased TV meteorologist emeritus Joe DeNardo liked to say, "Just enough snow to track a cat"!

At 3:19 PM, December 11, 2018 Anonymous Mark P had this to say...

We got nothing but rain and a few really wet snowflakes. I had forgotten that almost exactly a year ago we had a significant snowfall here. This time northeast Georgia got it.


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