Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Five Times as Important as TWOT and Iraq

Over at Ebonmuse's Daylight Atheism is a post reflecting on the current right-wing hysteria over gay marriage. One point made:
But the prize for hysteria must surely go to Republican strategist Jack Burkman, said that the gay marriage issue is "five times as important as the war on terror and the war in Iraq combined". Can we take this to mean that, if given a choice between preventing both 9/11 and the Iraq war and banning gay marriage, the Republicans would choose the latter without hesitation? Do they really believe that their vendetta against homosexuals is more important than over 5500 American lives? I have often said that one of the primary evils of religion is that it convinces people to value dogma over human life, but even I am stunned by the brazenness with which the religious right proclaims its allegiance to that same principle.
It's a long post - too long to summarize with justice. But it's a well-written, well-argued, and (I think) important post.

Please go and read it.

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