Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Week in Entertainment

Film: Night at the Museum - this movie was much better than the reviews had led me to believe. I laughed a lot, in fact. It's odd - Ben Stiller is an actor I find appealing - gifted, even - but who almost always appears in movies I find appalling. This one was no Royal Tennebaums, but it was good.

DVD: Atomic Age Vampire - an odd French take on Dr Jekyll with a love interest - and Creature from the Haunted Sea - Roger Corman making fun of himself (I think) but not as funny as that might lead you to believe. Also watched Lady in the Water again - I repeat, narf and scrunt are not possible Korean words, and neither is Tartutik, for that matter. A British version of A Christmas Carol called "Scrooge" - not bad, but very short.

TV: Various stuff, none of particularly memorable - a Keeping Up Appearances "Christmas special" which seems to have been "Christmassy" only in the time it was broadcast, and Daisy's wearing red and green bows in her hair, for instance.

Read: Almost nothing. Started Imperial Life in the Emerald City, but haven't actually spent much time on reading...



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