Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Birds at both ends of the day

This morning the trees were full of birds - cardinals, in fact, piping along the creek and mostly keeping out of sight. One female and one juvenile male came out into the edge of the trees; the female just for a moment, but the male moved along the creek in the brush and performing some acrobatics, hanging upside down and running along the branches. The male is a bit unfocused, but you can see the remnants of his gray juvenile coloring.
female cardinaljuvenile male cardinal
juvenile male cardinaljuvenile male cardinal
This female sparrow - house sparrow I think - was in the little fruit tree by my apartment building when I got home this evening. Most of her fellows fled, but she hung around long enough for a couple of nice shots.
faceoff at dawn
sungilded mockingbirdThis robin had the temerity to push the mockingbird - bounding into the grass where the gray one was flashing wings in an early morning display. This shot is right after the mocker flew at the robin, moving him away; a moment later the redbreast decided it wasn't worth it and flew away. It's a bit blurry; sorry. The other mockingbird was singing several birds' songs to greet the rising sun which is lighting him in such sharpness - select the picture to see.

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At 10:44 PM, September 05, 2007 Blogger IAMB had this to say...

That last mockingbird photo is most excellent (love the almost-silhouette look). I haven't tried my hand at bird photos yet, but I'm afraid to try without a really fast telephoto so I can get the background to blur nicely. I have a pretty fast 50mm lens, but it requires getting pretty close to small subjects, and most birds don't care for that idea.


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