Saturday, August 09, 2008

A new species!!

Yes ... it's true. I have discovered a new species of bird.

It happened like this. I was out in the back yard at my father's in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, when I spotted a Carolina wren. I got one picture of it before it took off, scared away by a somewhat larger bird. Carolina wren
That bird was obviously a cardinal. I had been trying, for the last couple of weeks, to get a picture of the pair that move through the yard early in the morning, but with no success. Now, though it wasn't the right time of day, here he was (though I couldn't spot her)! So I snapped a few pictures.

a glimpse of red But imagine my surprise when I realized that it was not a cardinal after all!

tiny scarlet vulture This is quite clearly a tiny scarlet vulture!

tiny scarlet vulture Feast your eyes on it. Isn't it gorgeous?

tiny scarlet vulture

(But seriously: what is going on with this bird? Is this a normal molt?)

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At 4:10 PM, August 09, 2008 Blogger John had this to say...

I think it might be parasites.

At 1:30 PM, August 11, 2008 Blogger Traumador had this to say...

Wow cool and pretty!

That is weird. Can't help you on confirming what it is though :(

How have things been going? Haven't seen you around the innerweb lately.


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