Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crossword Puzzlement

The Baltimore Sun's crossword today was titled "Put Me In, Coach", and featured answers with the word "me" inserted into otherwise valid phrases to make the new ones. Examples are

King of workouts? = Henry the Firmest
Footballers who draw flags? = Dirty linemen
Belittle Short? = Demean Martin
State for Shrek and Fiona? = Homely matrimony
Zoo area for dromedaries? = Camel zone (slightly strained, as calzone is one word)
Rogaine-induced reverie? = Dreamed locks

and this one

Purloined sirloin? = Meat heist


Okay. Literally, as I was typing it out I saw it - and even with "calzone" as a hint - one word! Different pronunciation! Argh. Not 'at heist'. 'Atheist'.

I'm ashamed of myself......

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