Monday, January 31, 2011

Hawks Again

The pair of red-shouldered hawks have been about the park again the past week. Today I saw them at dawn, and again at noon when I was leaving for a dental appointment. In the morning on Thursday last week, when I went in late, I saw them, too, and got a couple of good shots of the female after they split up.

Here they are against the dawn sky:
pair of red-shouldered hawks at dawn

And here at noon, having just flown in from opposite ends of the park - this shot shows both front and back plumages nicely. (I love their brocaded backs!):

pair of red-shouldered hawks at noon

I'm pretty sure this was the male - he joined his mate a couple of minutes later.

red-shouldered hawk

female red-shouldered hawk in tree

This is the female, I'm pretty sure - she's the larger of the two:

Here she is from the back, displaying that striking pattern:

strikingly patterned back of red-shouldered hawk

And here she is preening, her head buried in her breast feathers (that brown spot below her head is her brooding patch, I think):

red-shouldered hawk preening

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