Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Week in Entertainment

Actually, a couple of weeks, as I seem to have missed last week...

DVD: Sherlock - the making of and pilot extras. (I'm really pleased to hear they're scheduled to make three more eps this year!) The Sarah Jane Adventures, series 3. Nigel Havers? She could have done a lot worse! and David Tennant's last-filmed Doctor scenes... sweet. And speaking of the Doctor, the Series 5 set, though so far all I've watched are the Confidentials and the commentary on Big Bang, the last episode. That was a genuinely excellent season, I love Matt Smith, and I can't wait for the new season.

TV: The Middle, funny enough to keep watching. Modern Family - I laughed so hard at the end of it it almost hurt. On DVR, an episode of The Mentalist - nice development for Cho & Rigsby. Leverage's season finale - zomg Eliot is so cool (not that I think that warehouse fight is remotely possible, but still - so cool) and I enjoyed the way Christian Kane played him trying to keep his (we already could guess) bloody past from the rest of the team. The actual final ep was excellent, too - and some more nice Eliot stuff. He had the longest way to come... and the journey wasn't easy. Kane does a great job with him. Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol - I enjoyed the heck out of that, particularly when they went to the logical conclusion and had changing the old man mean he now couldn't do what they changed him for. Also? Rory as a centurion: niiiiiice. (And see above) There's more DVR, still...

Read: The new Lord Peter novels A Presumption of Death and The Attenbury Emeralds, both enjoyable. Really good - sharp and funny - novels about an 11-year-old sleuth in 1950s England, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Noose. Four books about a sleuth-cum-politician in 1860s England by Charles Finch, all excellent entertainment. And two by JS Fletcher, Ravensdene Court and The Orange-Yellow Diamond. Both were intriguing, though full of a certain casual racism (they were written in 1912) - still, they manage to rise above it. The former has a good "Chinaman", and the latter actually has a Jewish hero, and the slightly dimwitted Scot who you first think is the hero falls for a Jewish girl!



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