Sunday, January 09, 2011

Woodpeckers on Black Oak Ridge

This is my last day in Oak Ridge - I fly back to Maryland this evening. I'll do a big wrapup post (for I and the Bird) later, but right now I'll share the woodpeckers. There's a pretty good variety on the ridge - from the littlest to the biggest of those that live in the eastern half of the country.

First up, the tiny downy woodpecker, this one a female:

female downy woodpecker

Next, a male yellow-bellied sapsucker:

male yellow-bellied sapsucker

Next, red-bellied woodpeckers. One of them is around almost every day. Here's the female:

female red-bellied woodpecker

female red-bellied woodpecker

And finally, the biggest of America's remaining woodpeckers, the magnificent pileated woodpecker, which they call the logcock around here. There's a pair of them living on this ridge, and they come around pretty frequently, though they do spook easily. They're remarkable birds, unmistakeable. These shots are from four different days. Here's the male:

male pileated woodpecker

male pileated woodpecker

and here's the female:

female pileated woodpecker

female pileated woodpecker

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