Friday, January 28, 2011

Y not?

Venn diagram of English alphabetCategory: "Stan" in the place where you live.

Clue: If you don't count the two Ys, the A is the only vowel in this country's name.

I'm not sure why, but the way this is worded reminds me of Jeopardy's sister show's fiat that Y is never a vowel (meaning words like "why" or "spy" or "spryly" have no vowels in them), something that really annoys me. Why wouldn't you count them?

What's wrong asking "Y is the only other vowel than A in this country's name"?

Or am I just over thinking and over reacting? (Do not answer that!)

ps - I have the tee-shirt with this diagram on it. For fun at lunch one day, a bunch of us tried to figure out how it would differ for other languages (e.g., for Welsh move Y into the vowel side, but move I and W into the center, or for Croatian, move R and L ...)

........ I do need a life, don't I? shocked emoticon

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