Monday, February 21, 2011

UT on ESPN2!

Lady Vols The Lady Vols are playing on ESPN2 tonight - SEC play against Georgia. Half time and a nice 40-21 lead. Looking good - getting those offensive rebounds (especially Manning), as well as defensive rebounds and turnovers. Glory Johnson is playing really well (she scored her 1000th point tonight) and Bjorklund after sitting out six with an injury is dropping the three-pointers again. They're all over the Bulldogs. Shiny.

Very shiny - eye-poppingly so, since everything is pink (for Melissa McCray-Dukes), including the band, cheerleaders, Pat's jacket, and the uniforms - even Dean's tie (though fortunately not his suit!). At least they didn't paint the floor!

Final score: 77-44, UT wire-to-wire. Their 17th straight win (and only 2 losses all year), 25 straight SEC wins (14-0 this year) - and their 16th straight SEC title, won outright though there are still two games left in the season. It's looking good for the tournaments (not a Batiuk here, I mean the SEC and then the NCAA).



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