Sunday, March 06, 2011

March birds

Spring is undoubtedly on its way. Geese are breaking up their flocks, ducks and hawks are pairing up. In the park, lots of birds as winter and summer residents mingle. Early dawn sees the little guys flitting through - a Carolina chickadee


And a titmouse

tufted titmouse

And here's a blue jay, all composed and smug after running off the hawks

blue jay

With more sun, others show up - like a little Downy woodpecker

downy woodpecker

A mockingbird settles in to sing


Early morning also brings a flock of goldfinches, the males not yet in their bright yellow breeding plumage hard to tell from the females




Here's a male cardinal, still a bit wintry gray

male cardinal

And his mate

female cardinal

We know it's not quite spring yet, because the juncos are still here



And so are the white-throated sparrows
white-throated sparrow

But the redwinged blackbirds have shown up and begun staking out their territories

red-winged blackbird male

And the robins are breaking up their big flocks



And the flicker is back, too


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At 12:06 AM, March 09, 2011 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Say, that titmouse DOES look 30 times softer than human hair!

(Sorry I originally posted this below).


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