Saturday, March 26, 2011

NCAA Rd 3 - Regional Semifinals

NCAAW tournament logoLady VolsToday the third round of the NCAA women's basketball tournament start. Tennessee is in the Sweet Sixteen for the 28th time.

Of course, I'm pulling for UT to go all the way - at the very least I want them to make it through the Final Four (for several reasons, not least of which because UConn is in their way). Georgetown and Duke (maybe DePaul) get first shot at the Huskies - UT has to face Ohio State today and probably Notre Dame on Monday.

Tennessee's only two losses this year are to Georgetown and Baylor - the latter one of the teams that could play in the Final Four from the other side of the bracket. They haven't played UConn in years now, and they beat Stanford (the other likely winner from the other side.

It's going to be good. And it starts now.



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