Monday, March 21, 2011

NCAAs Rd 2 part 2

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Lady VolsWhew. Marquette never quit - never quit. Down only by 6 with 2:04 to play ... 1:07 left and still the six-point lead as Alicia Manning shoots free throws, drops one, two (into double digits) ... Offensive rebound and Glory Johnson runs down the court and leaps, dropping it in. 75-67 with :43 to play... But Marquette is still not quitting. Angie Bjorklund to the line, sinks both. Manning just fouled Robinson who got the bucket too. Three-point play.

Now we're into that bit that gets me every time. 33 seconds to play, and they foul Shekinna Stricklen - down by 8 points. I know - I know - you don't quit. You don't quit. But they can't win.

Glory's fouled again.

Wait, what? The UT game wasn't over yet. (I know - I just said they can't win....) Okay, Duke up by only 3 over Marist. Wow. Okay, yes, let's see the last two minutes of this!

See, this - down by 5 - this is when the foul-the-worst-shooter strategy works. She missed both, and Marist hit a three. Now down by only 2 with :39 to play. But this time it didn't work - she hit them both. The three doesn't fall... Duke wins it, by the skin of their teeth. Final score 71-66. What a game. Wow.

And UT wins, 79-70.

And now they've taken us to another great close one - DePaul winning over Penn State by only 2 pts.



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