Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A certain something in the air...

It's been hot here the last few days - not sweltering, but then again my apartment doesn't have any cross-ventilation (all the windows are on the same side) so I've been sitting out on the balcony in the evening.

There's been a little problem though.

They uncovered the swimming pool over the weekend. It used to sit open all winter, but in the last few years they've put a tarp over it, with those spring-holders to fasten it down. This winter one of the corners came loose - a couple of the big springs broke. Before they took the cover off they pumped it out, but some water was still in the deep end, and more collected after the rain. But that's not the problem.

A cat somehow fell into the pool - must have gotten under the tarp - and drowned. Which is sad. (If you live in Maryland city and you lost your Siamese, this is where he ended up... Don't let your cats wander, people!) But the problem is, the guys who took the tarp off left the body there. Yesterday it was starting to stink a bit. Tonight it really was.

Yesterday evening I thought to myself it that it was surprising no carrion eaters had been at it yet. Today, obviously some had - you couldn't tell it was a cat any more.

And then just an hour or so ago, I saw this guy arrive - that stink brought him though there wasn't much left - in fact, he kind of minced around it so that I was wondering if he'd even eat any (he did, but I'll spare you the pictures of that).

Sitting on a light pole and watching the pool to make sure that it's not ... a trap!

buzzardDeciding whether to go in for the ... banquet.

buzzardInto the deep end! Well, relatively deep. But he does have wings...

Walking to the meal - look at those chicken feet!

buzzardLeaving because a mockingbird decided he was a hawk or some other horrible threat. Mockingbirds cannot smell, after all.


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