Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: A thoroughly delightful Bollywood film called Bunty aur Babli, with Amitabh Bachchan as a cop pursuing a pair of con artists, played by Abishek Bachchan (his son) and Rani Mukerji (eventually his daughter-in-law), who definitely make this a "caper" film. So much fun! (and if you've ever eaten in an Indian restaurant that plays video clips, you've probably seen Kajra Re with the two Bachchans and Aishwarya Rai, a number that really has nothing to do with the story but is a lot of fun.)

TV: Forgot last week that I watched National Velvet (and was mightily amused at the scene where Angela Lansbury's character paints her little brother's toenails) and also Born Yesterday, Judy Holliday's delightful Oscar turn. House - and dammit, 13 is back, so of course Masters is gone, because god forbid they should have three women on the show. Yes, I didn't like Masters much but she was much preferable to 13. Still, I'm glad for the character that she listened to Chase; House would have destroyed her. The Greatest Game Ever Played, Shia LaBouef as Francis Ouimet, who won the US Open in 1923 as an amateur, at the age of 20. Not a bad movie - Disney does a good underdog film. Caught up on Harry's Law - I liked the series ending, er, the last episode. "Did you get lucky with Tommy?" "Very: he left with someone else." A touching The Middle - I liked Axl giving her the plate at the end. A very funny and touching Modern Family. "I just want to know: were we even considered? Because you know we've raised three wonderful kids -" "Honey, we have to go to the police station; the girls just vandalized the high school." "... This isn't over." Doctor Who!! They played the whole fifth season and the Christmas special first ... I do like Rory. Asked if he'd mind going down into the creepy tunnels with River he actually says "Yeah, I would. A little." (to which the Doctor replied, "Then I'll appreciate it all the more." hee hee.) Wonderful that it's back. Lovely foreshadowing from River about something we do (but she does not) know has already happened. And great line from the Doctor, after asking River if there are life signs and being told, "No, nothing's that's showing up": "Oh, those are always the worst kind." Dinner at Eight - can you go wrong with Kaufman & Ferber directed by Cukor? Not so's I can tell, you can't.

Read: Finished the "Book of Dreams" trilogy (or maybe it's not). Pretty good stories, though a copy editor was definitely needed. Word of warning about the last (third, anyway) one: they try to tell a story in first person that you can't really tell that way. If it annoys you to have the narrator telling you things she can't possibly know, don't read this one. Alison Wonderland, a quirky novel that was a breath of fresh air after the Dreams, but which I imagine I'd have loved anyway. Great characters, an odd situation, and a story that went where I didn't expect it to go. Lovely stuff. Began The Tiger's Wife, very good so far.



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