Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Grump grump grump

Somebody calling their business "Smile Mania" has proclaimed today the "Great American Grump Out". The Tenth Annual Grump Out, for crying out loud.

Now I'm all in favor of grumpiness, in its place. And of cheerfulness, in its. And it may in fact be true that relentless grumpiness is bad for you - I suppose that depends on whether it's stress or stress-relieving (I suppose it's bad for the ones you grump at, anyway). But I'm not in favor of going around telling people to smile, it's not that bad or don't be such a grumpy gus, you old grouchy wouch.

And despite the tenuous logic of the "Great American Smoke Out" - likely the template for this - a "Grump Out" does not sound like what they want it to.

"Out" is usually a particle (adverb if you like) meaning "wholly; completely; beyond the bounds". "Pig out" doesn't mean "stop being a pig". "Blank out" doesn't mean "stop blanking and realize the answer". "Wuss out" doesn't mean "stop being a wuss".

"Grump out" struck everyone I talked to today as meaning "get your grump on!"

So I am :-)

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At 8:44 PM, May 04, 2011 Blogger Jan had this to say...

Yeah, that's what "grump out" means to me too -- let all your grumpiness hang out! "Smoke out" works because you can read "smoke out!" as a goal (we put out cigarettes) and because of "smoking out" baddies. "Grump out" has no such echoes (that I know of).


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