Tuesday, May 03, 2011


No, this one isn't about Apple. It's about Obama. More specifically, about the ludicrous claims about his over-infatuation (as Charles Krauthammer puts it) with first-person-singular pronouns. Fev at headsup: the blog looks at the latest set of charges. Here are two teasers, one on numbers and one on attitude. Read the whole thing. You won't regret it.
Obama's late-night speech on Sunday was about 0.7% "I": eight "I" and two "I've" in 1,388 words. He's a little under Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech (May 1, 2003), which was right at 1%, though Bush was down around 0.5% for the beginning of the Afghan war (Oct. 7, 2001). The elder Bush managed 2.2% in his Panama address (Dec. 21, 1989): 17 cases of "I" in 769 words...

At this stage, it's pretty fair to conclude that huffing about Obama's alleged infatuation with first-person pronouns is the modern right-wing commentariat's way of saying "Boy, you lookin' at something?"

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