Friday, May 27, 2011

OK I'm stumped

Did the Post crossword today.

crossword puzzle

(Note - there's really only one error here; I just wrote 11D in 10D, while I originally had "Serb" for 23D even though I muttered to myself 'that's not right' as I wrote it... Anyway...)

You can see the title, but in case you don't have images it's Can You Forward Me That Link? The long answers are
summer camp
pork barrel
... oh. Duh. Yes, I just got it. Just now - literally as I typed 'pork barrel'. The others:
Vienna Boys' Choir
liver spots
blood money
Liver spots messed me up as I was thinking of doubled letters, not that that was making any sense, of course.

Links. Sausages.

Sometimes I feel so slow.

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