Monday, May 02, 2011

The Week in Entertainment

Oops, a bit late...

TV: Doctor Who - I think that BBC America may have cut this a little bit. Maybe not - maybe I just need to watch it again - but it did seem just the tiniest bit incoherent at one point. We took too long to find out what happened to the little girl Amy shot at... Otherwise, what a splendid ride to open the season! Nice character bits and groundwork for something spectacular later on. I do love this show. The Mentalist - Jane is riding for a fall, because he doesn't care.

Read: Finished The Tiger's Wife, which is an extraordinary novel. Three intertwined stories set in the former Yugoslavia, post the late war but going back in time to WWII, an exploration of love and loss, life and death ... a girl who loved a tiger, a man who can't die, a boy who becomes a grandfather and is profoundly affected by them both. Tea Obreht is a great writer. Also a novella called The Lifecycle of Software Objects by Ted Chiang (you can grab it free at Subterraean Press's magazine site and you should) - an intriguing look at sentience and free will and parenting. Mystery, an Alex Delaware novel, not the very best of them but very far from the worst. A good, entertaining read and I didn't guess the killer.



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