Monday, June 06, 2011

Krugman on Medicare

pie chart showing almost no Canadians use US health carePaul Krugman has been on a bit of a spree on Medicare recently - especially versus Voucher- care. Check it out. Canadians using US health care (where the chart is from - actually pointing you to The Incidental Economist, where that chart and many others are from) ... Canadian health care in perspective ... Medicare sustainability ... yes it is sustainable ... Ryancare vs Medicare ... the name is all that's the same (that last one reminds me of Lincoln's line about how many legs a dog would have if you called its tail a leg...)

All those are short blog posts. Here's his recent column on the same topic - the culmination, it's the one you should read if you've got issues with paying for NYTimes stuff - Vouchercare is not Medicare:
I’m seeing many attempts to shout down anyone making this obvious point, and not just from Republican politicians. For some reason, many commentators seem to believe that accurately describing what the G.O.P. is actually proposing amounts to demagoguery. But there’s nothing demagogic about telling the truth.
It's all good. Read as much of it as you can.

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