Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Of course they did

So Jeopardy! had a whole category of category names translated into French ... I thought it would be funny if the Double round had used them (especially 'Those Darned Etruscans', but they didn't.

I suppose we should be grateful they chose a language Alex can actually pronounce. I'd have winced my way through категории «Своей Игры», after all (and Kathie if it had been the Portuguese version!).



At 11:58 AM, June 29, 2011 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Actually, Ridger, the "Lakes and Rivers" category WAS used in Double Jeopardy last night, after appearing as the clue "Lacs et Fleuves" in the first round!

The odd thing was that I don't recall ever having seen "Those Darned Etruscans" as a category on "Jeopardy!" -- must have missed that evening.

Alex pronounces French pretty well, hardly surprising considering his origins and education (U/Ottawa, on the Quebec border). His Spanish is passable, but he seems to pronounce Portuguese with Spanish diction :-(((

Wow, I'm starting to think I'm wa-a-a-ay too invested in this!


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