Friday, June 03, 2011

A view from elsewhere

Here's a fascinating op-ed from the Hindustan Times today on Pakistan, by Amitabh Mattoo, aprofessor of International Relations, University of Melbourne.
While the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s angst-ridden recent visit to Islamabad may suggest a new urgency, Washington’s policies continue to be driven by short-term considerations of political expediency, especially the need to secure the Pakistan army’s support to ensure an early exit out of Afghanistan. What is often not recognised is that today the second-largest Muslim State, with the fastest growing nuclear arsenal, is confronting the most serious challenge to its existence as a coherent nation-state probably since independence and certainly since Bangladesh separated from it in 1971.

Five fundamental questions, and the manner in which the people of Pakistan and their leaders respond to these almost-Manichean choices, will determine — to a large extent — the future of the country.

It's interesting to get outside perspective, and this one is thoughtful and thought-provoking.

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