Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Week in Entertainment

Film: Midnight in Paris - perhaps it's minor Woody Allen, but it was greatly entertaining. I highly recommend it .

DVD: Since regular tv is done and the summer series haven't started yet, I devoured The Murdoch Mysteries, season 3. They're delightful, maintaining their high standard of enjoyability. A couple of episodes of a British mystery series called Vera, fairly standard, and of a British doctor show called Monroe, which was slightly Housish, though the main character is much more engaging if as weird.

TV: Not much on this week, barring a kick-ass episode of Doctor Who. Lovely to see Rory coming into his own, and that last moment when he trusted the Doctor and stepped back... goosebumps. Caught up on some DVR'd stuff - South Riding and Upstairs Downstairs. The former was okay, the latter pretty good.

Read: Some more of The Dead and the Living - Simonov has really caught the chaos of the early days of the war. I read more slowly in Russian, and find myself contemplating the language.



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