Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yay! Go New York!

New York becomes the sixth state (along with the District of Columbia) to legalize same-sex marriage, and by far the largest (if you don't count California, which just might overcome the backlash of Mormonism, fundamentalism, and hatred engendered by Proposition 8).

Some day - and I hope it's sooner rather than later - DOMA will fall, and other states will join in ratifying this rather basic civil right. Our grandchildren will wonder why it took so long.



At 2:40 PM, June 26, 2011 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Perhaps one of the most heartening aspects of Friday's events is that New York is the nation's second most populous state. If California gets on board (again), there'll be no stopping it!

On an unrelated note, did you happen to hear "Living on Earth" on Public Radio this weekend? Their BirdNote® segment was titled "Cowbirds and Yellow Warblers," which I thought you might enjoy reading/hearing. In relevant part:

"The beautiful Yellow Warbler is a frequent target of the cowbird’s unwelcome eggs. But it has developed a way to reject the role of foster parent. When a cowbird lays its egg in a Yellow Warbler’s nest, a tiny compact cup woven of plant fibers, the warbler weaves another layer of grasses over the top of the cowbird egg, preventing its incubation. Sometimes a cowbird returns and lays another egg in the same nest and now the Yellow Warbler covers over the second egg. Amazingly, one Yellow Warbler nest in Ontario grew six layers deep. Cowbirds developed their habit of palming off their eggs on other birds because they followed migrating herds of buffalo - cowbirds couldn’t stay in one place long enough to raise their own young. Today, it’s still a problem that even the hardest working Yellow Warbler is sometimes challenged to overcome."

At 5:52 PM, June 26, 2011 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Did you hear this story on NPR "All Things Considered" today?

"What Story Would You Tell On Jeopardy?":

"'[M]emorable examples' from prior contestants" includ[e]:

"Fabio once saved my life."

"I broke my toe while chasing a bear."

"I used to recruit spies for the C.I.A."


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