Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Week in Entertainment

Film: Super 8, which was far more enjoyable than Transformers 3 I must say. The kids were all well-realized characters and the effects were good, and the story was, if a tad formulaic at the end, nonetheless exciting and captivating. And definitely stay for the beginning of the credits, when they show us Charles's film!

DVD: The Bat (it was on the late night horror movie on Retro, so we put in the DVD) - I wouldn't have thought of Agnes Moorhead as a leading lady but she was perfect. Doomed to Die, not at all a bad little mystery for its time.

TV: Leverage - a nice ep. Hardison's frustration with the old tech was hilarious, and clearly he and Parker have moved to the next level. Also, well-done with the Jim-Hutton-Ellery-Queen homage. Very nice. Also watched part (had to go out about half-way through) of a 1940's propaganda film called The 49th Parallel about a handful of Nazi U-boat survivors trying to make their way across Canada- Laurence Olivier as a French-Canadian fur trapper, ma foie! I didn't get to see Raymond Massey, or Leslie Howard, so I can't judge their parts in the movie. It was pretty, but it was also pretty heavy handed.

Read: The Greatest Hits series, somewhat uneven - since each book is narrated by a different person, and not all the narrators are as interesting - comic tetralogy about assassins. Uneven, I said, but when it works perfectly it's very good, and even when it doesn't it's enjoyable, and I didn't see the end coming at all.



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