Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Week in Entertainment

oops - got in too late on Sunday and then fell asleep on Monday, so it's two weeks worth

Film: Another Earth, which was extremely intriguing, though the camera did tend to call attention to itself a bit more than perhaps it should have. William Mapother in particular is affecting, but Brit Marling also does a fine job indeed.

DVD: Walk, Don't Run, Cary Grant's last movie, with the always-engaging Jim Hutton. Amusing if very dated little romcom with Grant matchmaking for all he's worth. The hysterically funny Burker & Hare with Andy Serkis - quite a good actor even without cg and motion-capture - and Simon Pegg, also quite good, and a virtual who's who of British character/comic actors, including Christopher Lee as their first victim and a very funny Ronnie Corbett. This movie looks wonderful, period details very accurate, and the story (loosely accurate) is actually touching as well as laugh-out-loud funny.

TV: Leverage - three good episodes on the dvr (maybe I should have saved one?) - I liked Parker and Hardison in the one where he was in the coffin, and Eliot walking into the cop's funeral by mistake; and I really liked the whole "Big Store" one, everything about it, including Eliot eating the snake's heart. Good stuff. Intriguing teaser with the guy offering to hand them the real bad guys as long as he can profit. Futurama catchup - "I remember it like it was interesting!" Zen, all three episodes so far. I guess I lean a bit more to Beth's enthusiasm than Kathie's meh; Aurelio Zen's no Robbie Lewis, nor even "Dangerous" Davies, but he's quite watchable. It does make me wish someone would adapt the Brunetti novels. Spotted Time Bandits a while ago and DVR'd it, watched that this afternoon; a grand movie for a rainy Sunday.

Read: Red Hook Road, a very good study of grief between two ill-matched families suffering a terrible joint loss. The Shattering, a fascinating ya set in New Zealand. Brain Wave, an old Poul Anderson I had managed to miss until now. Reread John Myers Myers' masterpiece Silverlock, which is such great fun. Began How to Live Safely in a Science-Fictional Universe, which is fascinating so far.



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