Monday, September 12, 2011

9-11 in the Comic Strips

Yesterday many (though not all - read one cartoonist's explanation here) of the nation's newspaper comics did a Tribute to 9-11. Most were heavy-handed (hard not to be, though), and some overly mawkish or jingoistic... some were just a shoe-horned, almost afterthoughty "never forget" panel at the end. Some were a bit ... timey-wimey - those with the babies that never age, so "10 years ago" they were still babies. But some were really very nice, thought-provoking, or just sweetly sad. Here are my favorites.

Sally and Ted - sad day, quiet day, I love you

here's hoping democracy works out in Egypt. And Libya, and Syria, and Tunisia. And here.

Hagar defines heroes for Hamlet

granpa remembers his dead son

I hoped we would honor the dead and the heroes by curtailing our own civil liberties, calling each other un-American, torturing prisoners, invading the wrong country... I like to have realistic hopes

(comments closed because I don't want any fighting over what is at bottom an aesthetic judgment heavily influenced by politics)

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