Saturday, September 10, 2011

Absences, necessary and otherwise

Two things from today's comic strips. First, how is this "the deep woods"? There's not a tree in sight! (This is even plainer in the black and white, where the sky isn't melding with the ground in the first panel.)

Dogs race up to a cabin by a rocky stream, no trees anywhere, described as 'in the deep woods'And second ... this would be unfair if they didn't make appearances in the strip, but - "Spider-Man is in disgrace" is all the Big Boss needs? Where the heck are the Fantastic Four and Iron Man? I sure hope this was the end of the Big Boss's intricate plan for ridding the city of superheroes, which he left for last because it would be easy after the exertions needed to get rid of the competent ones!

Big Crime Boss says 'Spider Man is in disgrace; time to take over the city'

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