Tuesday, September 06, 2011

And how exactly are you going to do that?

Baltimore has a mayoral election next month. I just saw a commercial for a challenger who says she's going to "cut property taxes, invest in our children and our neighborhoods and put more police on the streets."

I wish to hell I understood how anybody thinks you can invest in anything without capital, or hire more police with money for their salaries, and - most importantly - get that money into a government without increasing revenues. (What? Raise income taxes? Sales tax?) Every election somebody - usually a bunch of somebodies - claim they're going to do it, though, and most say they'll "cut taxes" while doing all that "investing".

As far as I can tell, that only leads to borrowing... and those same people are generally self-proclaimed deficit hawks.

So, yeah. I actually like the ones that are upfront about how anybody who's not wealthy can just go take a hike. I despise their priorities, but at least they don't think I'm - or aren't themselves - bone stupid.



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