Saturday, September 03, 2011

God hates dogs

In Friday's Local (online here) was this letter to the Animal Doctor: "I was told that dogs see everything only in black and white. I was very sad to hear that, considering all the beautiful colors that God has created."

Dr. Fox wisely doesn't address the theological concerns in his answer, only notes that dogs aren't completely color-blind, and also have great ears and better noses.

But I wonder why D.R.'s "very sad". Is it that God possibly forgot about dogs? Or maybe doesn't like them. Surely D.R. isn't criticizing? Still, the answer probably wouldn't help.

Clearly God didn't create all those beautiful colors for dogs. Or even most mammals - only primates, who evolved color vision twice by the way. (And we already know that dogs don't, according to the KJV at any rate, get to go to heaven.)

Nope, God created all those colors - and more than even we can see - for dinosaurs (including birds, of course), other reptiles, and insects. Those colors are for the creepy-crawlies...



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