Thursday, September 08, 2011

Oh, Freddie...

So, the latest Golf Digest just arrived, and with it the news that Fred Couples, captain of the U.S. President's Cup team, says Tiger Woods will be there.

Okay, Woods is 18-11-1 in the President's Cup, not as bad as his Ryder Cup record of 13-14-2, but a .617 is not what the best player in the world should be putting up. He's especially bad at fourballs (which is weird), having lost more of those matches than any other U.S. player. He's still bad at team play. And yes, last time around he went 5-0, but that was before ... well, everything.

Woods may yet play well in Melbourne. But this year he's played in only 8 tournaments, missed 2 cuts (including the PGA), and not finished in the top 3, let alone won. He's 132nd in the world rankings. He should not be a shoo-in for captain's choice.

Yes, it's Couples's choice, and he's made it. I just wish he hadn't - or at least, hope that he'll wait to see how Tiger plays next weekend before confirming it.



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