Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pro-Life Party

Well, just as "terrorist" now means "a Muslim who acts against the US, no matter where or why, including in his own damn country", "pro-life" now clearly means "no abortions, but after that not only do we not care, we cheer when they die".

Two Republican debates. Two crowds cheering for death - first, at Perry's execution record; now, at question whether an uninsured man should be allowed to die, the audience began shouting "Yes!" and cheering.

This is deeply disturbing. How did it come to pass that Americans cheer for letting someone die? I know there was a time in this country when executions were public, were entertainment even, but an injured man in a hospital, left to die because he's poor - when did that become something to cheer? When did that become the Christian thing to do? When did that become the way we want our country to be?

I tremble for my country. I really do.

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