Thursday, September 22, 2011

PSB Blogging Survey

I got this email from Technorati asking me to take their annual "State of the Blogosphere" Survey.

It's obvious that they really think everyone blogs to make money. In fact, there were numerous questions that I had to lie on because they had no way to say "none" and no way to skip.

Six pages of how I "work with brands" even though I said on page one that I never do.

On the "how much money do you spend" I actually had to put in 0 in the "Other please specify" blank.

This survey is badly designed. BAD-LY.

(Although at least when I got several pages of questions about the ads on my blog - after the question about why I don't have any ads on my blog - the option "I don't have ads on my blog" was there...)



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