Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is terrorism

school bus after attackThis is terrorism:

This is the schoolbus which came under attack in Peshawar, Pakistan, this morning. The Taliban in Pakistan are understood to have claimed responsibility for the attack which killed four children, a teacher and the driver, saying they belonged to "a pro-government tribe". Eighteen people, including 15 children, were wounded in the attack using RPG rounds and Kalashnikov rifles.

"Our comrades attacked the bus which was carrying children from the Aka Khel tribe, whose people are fighting against us at the behest of the Pakistani army," Taliban spokesman Mohammed Afridi told Reuters.

"They have been told time and again to desist from any activity against us but they did not listen. We will continue to carry out such attacks."

At Peshawar's Lady Reading Hospital, children lay in beds with shrapnel and bullet wounds from Tuesday's attack, their uniforms soaked in blood.

"We were in the van, going home like every day. Suddenly I heard an explosion and gunfire," said 8-year-old Sabir. (source The Telegraph)

There is an argument to be made that Taliban militants attacking NATO troops in Afghanistan is war. One could even make the argument that attacking diplomats of a country whose troops are in yours is war - whether you agree with it or not, it's an argument, and I fully expect that if the Soviets had invaded the US it wouldn't have been long before Americans were attacking their troops and their embassy in Washington or New York. (And we love stories about the Resistance, don't we?) But killing children for what their parents - or fellow tribesmen - do is not war. It's terrorism at its worst, no matter who does it or what the adults did "to deserve it".


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