Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: The first two seasons/series of Pie in the Sky, a delightful British series about a detective/restaurateur starring Richard Griffiths.

TV: "Doctor Who" - "He needs help. He needs a doctor." And he got one - THE Doctor. Matt Smith is rapidly becoming my favorite doctor, and (I think I may have mentioned this before) I love Rory. "Ohhh, we're dead. The lift fell and we're dead. Again." And I love him especially in today's episode, particularly at the end when he and old Amy were talking through the TARDIS door. Also caught a Harold Lloyd film called "Welcome Danger" - Lloyd's first talkie, converted halfway through filming. Much of the dialog was dubbed over silent footage, but the movie holds up fairly well, though it's dated (and as is so often the case, you do wonder how his character could ever mistake Barbara Kent's Billie Lee for a boy). How he did some of those stunts missing his right thumb and index finger is baffling, isn't it?

Read: Spider Web - I like Earlene Fowler's Benni Harper series, but sometimes I'm not sure why. I'm slightly irritated by Benni at times, and I detest Gabe. But once again I've read straight through one of them, and enjoyed it. Some stories in We Others by Steven Millhauser - excellent work, as usual - and Tails of Wonder and Imagination, an anthology of weird cat stories (weird stories about cats).



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