Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Week in Entertainment

TV: Psych - a strange episode, I thought: where was the 1990s opening? Aha - at the end - brilliant. Modern Family - "Exact. Same. Closet." made me laugh. The Middle - Axl will be all right, even if he is a slacker. Harry's Law - I simply don't understand the secondary plot. If the guy had cashed in his life insurance policy to pay Tommy, who'd care? So why is it so "beyond repugnant" that he made Tommy his beneficiary? Seriously? And I really hated the main plot. That girl will do it again. The Jenna leaving was sweet, though, even though I'll miss her character. The Mentalist - very nice episode. Cho's sexy dressed down. And I like the "neurotic as a border collie" and "that man has the conscience of a mollusc" scene. Also the "I wonder if our new boss is in over his head." "Really? I don't." exchange. And Cho's "Hey. How you doing? You're under arrest for the attempted murder of ... everybody"? Priceless delivery.

Read: Snuff, by Terry Pratchett - devoured in two sittings. Wonderful. Especially when Vimes muses about the role of policemen in society... Cain by José Saramago, an author I either love or can't finish. This one? Finished quickly - it's a lovely, lovely book. A couple of Gideon Olivers I found on Kindle and couldn't remember from the descriptions - Twenty Blue Devils and Icy Clutches - both of which I read so long ago that, though they were familiar-ish I couldn't remember the killer in either one, which was nice. The Hummingbird Falls mysteries by Joanne Clarey, nice cozies. Three period mysteries by Stefanie Pintoff - In the Shadow of Gotham, The Curtain Falls, The White Rose - a turn-of-the-century (er, the 20th century) NYC cop, very nice books. Started The Broken Teaglass on this recommendation by Arnold Zwicky - it's enjoyable so far.

Also, though I don't mention music much, I have to say that the money I spent on Bob Dylan: The Original Mono Recordings was well worth it - I'd forgotten the power in those early albums!



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