Saturday, November 26, 2011

Check that sunrise tomorrow

The headline in the print edition was
As surely as the sun rises in the east, Kentucky loses to the Vols
Online, it's less wordy but just as certain:
Sun rises in East; Kentucky loses to Vols
In the story,
All streaks end at some point, right?

Wrong. The sun keeps rising in the East. A Georgia running backs gets suspended every fall. And Auburn and Alabama fans never wake up without thinking how much they hate each other.

So UT fans shouldn't assume the streak against Kentucky — 26 victories and counting — must end.
And this prediction:
UT 27, Kentucky 10: Despite the likelihood of medical advances, no one alive today will live long enough to see the Vols lose to Kentucky.
Well, half right. Final score: UT 7, Kentucky 10...

What goes before a fall? Oh, yeah. Pride.

All things must pass, sang George Harrison. This too...

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